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New Arrival
Power Clip
Product ID: CLBD7F
Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Days
Rating     : 30V-5A
Material of cover     : Thermoplastic-elastomers
Color of cover     : Red & Black
Holding object     : M3 to M4 size screwhead
Connection method     : Soldering or crimping with pliers as a temporary connection
Jaw opening     : 7.5mm Max.
Wire strip length     : 8mm to 11mm (when soldering)
    : 3mm to 5mm (when crimping)
Wire range     : Finished outer diameter is 2.8mm dia. max.
Resistance to soldering heat     : 390 °C max. (soldering iron tip) within 5 sec.

Note 1:

Even when using recommended screw size (M3 to M4), holding force decreases under the following conditions

because a clip cannot hold securely a screw head.

A special shaped screw head. A washer diameter is bigger than a screw head.

Note 2:

Be careful for electric shock because there are bare metal parts.

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